KART Performance trailers on US roadways

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Auto haulers in the United States face a number of unique challenges. They must operate in diverse weather and road conditions, respond to differing hauling needs, and comply with varying state safety requirements. Volatile fuel costs and a shortage of drivers further complicates issues.

KART Performance Trailers works to mitigate many of these challenges through its cutting-edge vehicle carriers. By applying universal design standards, innovative engineering, and top-of-the-line materials, we’re able to offer trailers that make U.S. roadways more manageable for any auto hauler outfit.

By offering unparalleled balance and traction

All of KART trailers, including the Rapid and the Multitrans, are designed for optimal balance and road grip through the addition of special features such as our unique steerable front axles. A steerable axle reduces wear and tear on tires and improves traction.

The robust construction of our trailers further stabilize them, allowing KART Performance Trailers to brave virtually any road and weather conditions with ease.

By providing flexible carrying options

By applying universal design standards, KART engineers have built trailers that can be connected to virtually any tractor without customization and without disturbing cargo. Both the Rapid and the Multitrans make it easy for drivers to maximize space and to re-configure and adjust ramps with the press of a button.

While the Rapid is capable of hauling 8 to 9 standard vehicles, the Multitrans offers optimized payload capacity for transporting a diverse array of heavy military equipment and commercial cargo. Carriers who invest in a Megatrans road train further enhance their ability to respond to diverse needs. Pairing the Rapid with the Multitrans increases hauling capacity by 3 to 4 cars. Combining the Megatrans super-structure with the Multitrans trailer, specialized carriers can maximize their carrying capacity as well.

By satisfying diverse state safety requirements

In addition to customizable universal design standards, KART Performance Trailers exceed the strictest international safety regulations. We began building trailers to meet the stringent directives of the E.U., and we continue to apply those same practices to our U.S. trailers. That means that KART trailers will satisfy diverse state safety requirements without a hassle.

By reducing fuel costs

KART Performance Trailers are built with lightweight aluminum alloys and a streamlined, aerodynamic frame that reduces the gap between the trailer and tractor. Each of these factors contributes to reduced fuel costs and greater energy efficiency, which is critically important during times when fuel costs are volatile.

By keeping drivers happy

The most important part of any carrier outfit is the driver, and with fewer people entering the field, their value has increased significantly. Perhaps one of the easiest ways for auto haulers to save money is by keeping competent, qualified drivers. To keep these drivers, it’s necessary to keep them happy.

KART Performance Trailers designs auto haulers that make life easier and more profitable for drivers. The Rapid and the Multitrans are equipped with a complete hydraulics system that enables drivers to operate and adjust ramps without exerting themselves or wasting time during loading and unloading. Reducing load times means drivers can get on the road faster, making each haul more profitable.

We meet all of your auto hauler needs

At KART Performance Trailers, we design trailers to meet all of the needs of U.S. auto transportation operations. Take a look at our line of carriers HERE and then give us a call to minimize your logistical hurdles.

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