5 innovative design features of the KART Rapid car hauler

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If you’re looking for a trailer that reduces your total cost of ownership (TOC), look no further than KART Performance Trailers’ Rapid auto hauler. Built with a universal design that meets international safety regulations, the Rapid can be paired with most tractors without the need of conversions or customizations. It can be used out of the box without any changes and easily modified to the exact specifications of clients’ needs.

For those who need convincing, take a look at these innovative design features that make the Rapid one of the most desirable trailers on the market.

Lightweight, open frame

KART Performance Trailers’ engineers took truck drivers’ profitability and comfort into consideration when designing the trailer’s frame. The Rapid is built from aerospace grade aluminum alloy, giving it a low curb weight. This allows drivers to maximize carrying capacity and fuel efficiency, increasing the profitability of long hauls.

It has a spacious chassis constructed without crossbars to provide easy access to vehicle interiors. Open those side doors as wide as you need to without worrying about damaging your cargo.

Power hydraulics lifting mechanisms

Speed up loading and unloading time with the Rapid’s extensive hydraulic system that allows drivers to easily adjust platforms with the press of a button. Lift or extend decks to maximize loading space, adjust sidewalks, and even block wheels without wasting time or energy.

Rapid’s handy hydraulic system is built from durable aluminum alloy with galvanized pipes and fittings, so you can count on this convenience for years to come.

Steerable axles

Reduce risk. Simplify steering, turning, and parking. With Rapid’s unique steerable axle options, drivers can reduce the damage that comes with a greater number of trailer axles.

When a trailer has more than two axles or more than one fixed axle, tire performance degrades. Steerable axles reduce wear and tear while improving steering, increasing fuel efficiency, and decreasing your trailer’s swept path.

Very low ramp angle

Hauling sports cars and other specialty vehicles with low ground clearance can create logistical problems on conventional auto haulers. KART Performance Trailers prevent damage to the undercarriage of vehicles with low ground clearance by equipping the Rapid with a very low ramp angle. Fabricated from aerospace grade aluminum alloy, the Rapid’s ramps are lightweight, durable, and expandable, making loading and unloading simple no matter what you’re hauling.

Robust, longer-lasting construction

At KART Performance Trailers, we understand that hauling vehicles takes a toll on trailers. In different areas of the country, roads conditions can be punishing to trailers hauling several tons. We build all of our trailers from hot galvanized, pre-tensioned military-grade alloys and superior quality iron to withstand even the roughest conditions. This attention to detail empowers auto haulers to reduce their total cost of ownership.

Innovative engineers who understand the auto industry

KART Performance Trailers builds the most durable, easy-loading, and safe trailers on the market because our engineers understand the auto industry. We know what you need to get cars safely to their destination, and we equip all of our trailers with the features to do it. Give us a call today to learn more about the Rapid’s unique design features.

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