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Auto hauler safety is a critical issue for everyone

When an auto hauler is involved in a crash, it affects everyone. Both the driver’s reputation and the brokerage involved will take a hit to their reputations. Both take a hit to the wallet with increased insurance premiums and lost profits. Cargo is damaged, impacting consumers and manufacturers. Roadways are damaged, and in worst case scenarios, lives are lost.

Large trucks were involved in 11% of all motor crash fatalities in 2015. They cost the U.S. economy around $99 billion dollars annually. What can auto transporters do to reduce the risk of their industry and improve safety conditions for everyone? Invest wisely. Choose a trailer that offers the greatest safety.

Commitment to top-of-the-line safety features

Because KART Performance Trailers furnishes auto manufacturers and carriers around the world with our trailers, we’ve become accustomed to the more stringent safety directives of the E.U. We bring that same commitment to exceptional safety to America’s roadways, making our trailers among the safest in the States.

Improved towing stability

KART Performance Trailers builds trailers that improve stability. Our Swift model, for example, is equipped with a front swing axles that balances load distribution without fuss – even if your load isn’t centered. By reducing squat and sway, we’ve made it easier for drivers to be safer.

Increased road traction

The Swift’s steerable, reversible swing axle allows front wheels to react to irregular road surfaces independently. This improves their traction even in the worst conditions, keeping tires, trailer, and cargo where they belong – on the road.

Secure blocking

We’ve added hydraulic blocking backed by mechanical blocking to our large auto haulers like the Rapid to increase the security of your cargo. This handy safety features also makes loading and unloading easier and faster for drivers.

Flexible maneuverability

KART Performance Trailers like the Rapid improve maneuverability with steerable axles. By making steering, turning, and parking easier for drivers, we’re making it easier to be safe and avoid costly collisions, injuries, and cargo loss.

Robust fabrication

We build our trailers from the toughest materials to keep cargo safe. A combination of superior-quality iron and aerospace-grade aluminum alloy provide a sturdy frame reinforced by a process of hot-galvanizing and pre-tensioning.

State-of-the-art safety technology

For auto haulers committed to the very safest transport, KART Performance Trailers offers extra features like a camera-controlled crash warning system and a camera-supported track warning system for loading. These modern tools further reduce collisions and in many cases reduce insurance premiums.

We take your safety seriously

At KART Performance Trailers, we take your safety seriously. We’re committed to providing the most secure, stable, risk-free experience available – no matter what road conditions you face. Contact us today to learn more about how we can keep you and your cargo safer.

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