Why invest in
KART Performance Trailers?

One of a kind in comparison with the competitors

We are KART Performance Trailers (KART), the technologically leading car transporter manufacturer in the market segment of car and truck haulers. To deliver KART car transporters faster to our key accounts, we are going to establish an inventory of our geniune products. Here is your opportunity. Become a member in an unique partnership. Kart B-2-B Finance program offers you the chance to co-finance our stock partially.

Our Partners earn both a fixed-interest rate a. and special conditions for later purchase of KART car haulers, original parts and services.

KART produces & sells => Dealer sells to customer => KART and Dealer share the profit

heavy duty transporter

KART Evacuator – the heavy duty transporter

KART Performance Trailers – facts and figures 
  • more than 32 years expertise in car haulers and special equipment trailers
  • business relations in Scandinavia, Europe and North-America
  • customers of KART: Scania, Volvo, Bentley, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen
  • company ownership 100% by managing director
  • significant expansion of production capacities in 2019
  • proved constant innovation in high-quality car hauler technologies

Investing in KART products

KART B-2-B Finance – investing in genuine KART products

We offer our customers the chance to invest safely in our products. Every financing is documented accurately. It will be used for designated projects of KART car transporters only (VIN-code available).

You can choose the amount of your investment. The minimum level is 160.000 EUR. Your investment brings a. interest and also entitles you to receive special conditions   on products of KART Performance Trailers.

Our offer

Investment from 160.000 EUR
Interest rate per contact
Period of financing The investor co-finances from the start of the project until the final customer’s payment.
Project-based financing Each investment is used for a specific product construction to be delivered to our inventory.
Collateral Each funding is linked to a specific product with its VIN-code. A separate purchase- and sales agreement is included.
Back-payment The seller (producer KART) guarantees a return to the investor with the agreed interest rate.

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