Evacuator & Clearance

The Heavy Duty Transporter


Transport more and safer with less effort using the Evacuator + Dolly + Clearance Combination.

The combination Evacuator + Dolly + Clearance is the dream of every professional transporting RV-vehicles, buses or trucks. We have created a trailer to offer faster and more secure loading and transportation as never before. Our newest achievement consists of 3 models. 

All of our products have a 10 year anti-rust warranty.


The Evacuator is an excellent workhorse to load almost any vechicle as low as they might be.

The Evacuator is a solo vechicle, that can easily pick up trucks from accident sites or workshops. It is designed for rapid and secure loading, in which case you don’t have to lift or drive your loading truck. You can just use the remote control and do the work from the distance. 


The KART Dolly is specially designed for very low loads, where the loading height is critical. The Dolly has a hydraulic drawbar, so you can adjust it exactly  the lenght of your road train. KART Dolly can also be used for any other trailer.


KART Clearance is specially designed for very low and complicated loads.

The Clearence is built as a very sensible workhorse. It’s operator is able to control it, as in the case of the Evacuator, with a remote control and can see all the movements from the side or even while sitting in the loading vechicle.

The Clearance can move it’s stomach space up to 2 Meters and lift it’s back platform for a very low vechicle, for example a RV or a race truck.

The Clearence can lift and move his second deck in a very special way.

KART Performance Trailers Evacuator + Dolly + Clearance combination is a milenstone in the KART History and very strong in the competition for the pole position.

KART Evacuator | Heavy Duty TransporterKART Evacuator | TrucksKART Evacuator | Heavy Duty Transporter

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