RAPID car hauler with 12 cars as cargo


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The easy-loading, long-lasting auto hauler


Load more in less time with the Rapid’s long body, light curb weight and power hydraulics.

With one of the most spacious bodies on the market and a light curb weight, the double-decker Rapid ensures maximum loading capacity for auto manufacturers and transporters. At 17 meters (53 feet), the Rapid is capable of hauling 8 to 9 cars easily, and the trailer’s power hydraulics, pull-tight straps, and unique no-bar frame reduce load time significantly.


KART Performance Trailers engineered the Rapid to be the most flexible auto hauler on the market.

Couple the Rapid to virtually any tractor without conversions and customizations. Transfer the chassis between different tractive units during long hauls without losing time or disturbing cargo. Because the Rapid conforms to universal design standards, it can be used “out of the box” without any changes at all.

For clients with unique needs, the Rapid is easily adapted to meet any road conditions and accommodate most loads.


A safer trailer means safer roads, and the Rapid is one of the safest haulers available.

Because the Rapid is built with the EU’s stringent safety directives in mind, even the roughest roads can be traveled with confidence. The trailer’s heavy-duty frame and superior towing stability further reduce risks.


The Rapid’s robust frame and flexible design last longer so that you save more.

The Rapid’s universal design equals superior up-front savings. Its robust construction ensures the longest lifespan money can buy. Add reduced risks to the equation, and you’ve got minimized total cost of ownership (TOC) with maximized liquidity.

Table of weight and dimensionsEU DimensionsUS Dimensions
Total length17 000 mm53 ft
Maximum trailer width2 550 mm100 in
Maximum trailer height3 680 mm145 in
Netto weight of the trailer12 500 kg27 550 lb
Load on fifth-wheel, max.17 000 kg37 470 lb
Fifth-wheel load for empty vehicle5 000 kg11 000 lb
Trailer axle pressure per axle, max.10 000 kg22 000 lb
Trailer axle pressure per axle, unloaded3 250 kg7160 lb
Distance between axles1 810 mm71 in
Height of the fifth wheel from ground1000 mm39 in
Tires245/70 R17.5245/70 R17.5

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