Swift Basic

Hendrik Saar Trailer

Haul more with the Swift Basic. Like its big brother, the Swift Basic is constructed from lightweight aluminum to maximize its carrying capacity. It’s the ideal trailer for movers and contractors, available in open and enclosed models. The Swift Basic’s unique front-axle design makes balancing your payload faster and easier. The Swift Basic makes it possible to haul vehicles with lower clearances through its low ramp design. Inclement weather and rough terrain are no match for the Swift Basic’s durable construction. Military-grade aluminum ensures the Swift Basic is corrosion- and weather-resistant while its galvanized steel frame makes light work of …

MULTITRANS trailer carrying trucks


Hendrik Saar Trailer

Get on the road faster with Multitrans’ power hydraulics. Multitrans’ high pressure, super-strength cylinders with hydraulic lock valves operate all of the trailer’s lifting mechanisms with the press of a button or manually. Power hydraulics make it easy for drivers to align ramps on a slope and to adjust them in any direction to maximize stacking. Multitrans simplifies loading so that you can get your payload to its destination faster than ever. Make the most of each haul with Multitrans’ optimized payload capacity. Whether you’re transporting heavy military equipment or commercial cargo, make the most of each haul with KART …

Black MEGATRANS trailer superstructure

Megatrans & Combinations

Hendrik Saar Trailer

The Megatrans superstructure is built with the same long-lasting, high-quality materials that you’ve come to expect from KART Performance Trailers. Constructed from high-quality iron and aluminum alloy materials, the Megatrans will carry more for longer over tougher terrain. The Megatrans’ chassis is hot-galvanized and covered with a protective coating that resists corrosion and damage, and its lifting mechanisms are insulated from wear and tear with a damage-proof rubber layer. Both upper and lower platforms are fabricated from military-grade aluminum that adds durability while keeping curb weight low. The Megatrans Road Train provides modular versatility that expands your load hauling capability. …


Hendrik Saar Trailer

Whether you’re transporting construction equipment or classic cars, Swift lets you haul more farther. The next-gen trailer Swift is built light for heavy loads. We’ve capitalized on lightweight aluminum construction to maximize your payload weight. Contractors, road builders, mechanics and even hobbyists can haul larger passenger cars, trucks, and hefty construction equipment easily and safely with the Swift. The Swift’s unique front-axle design makes balancing your payload faster and easier. The Swift was designed with your convenience in mind. The unique movement mechanism of its axles enables low loading, making it possible to haul vehicles with a lower clearance. Its …

RAPID car hauler with 12 cars as cargo


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Load more in less time with the Rapid’s long body, light curb weight and power hydraulics. With one of the most spacious bodies on the market and a light curb weight, the double-decker Rapid ensures maximum loading capacity for auto manufacturers and transporters. At 17 meters (53 feet), the Rapid is capable of hauling 8 to 9 cars easily, and the trailer’s power hydraulics, pull-tight straps, and unique no-bar frame reduce load time significantly. KART Performance Trailers engineered the Rapid to be the most flexible auto hauler on the market. Couple the Rapid to virtually any tractor without conversions and …