Black MEGATRANS trailer superstructure

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The road train that meets universal requirements


The Megatrans superstructure is built with the same long-lasting, high-quality materials that you’ve come to expect from KART Performance Trailers.

Constructed from high-quality iron and aluminum alloy materials, the Megatrans will carry more for longer over tougher terrain. The Megatrans’ chassis is hot-galvanized and covered with a protective coating that resists corrosion and damage, and its lifting mechanisms are insulated from wear and tear with a damage-proof rubber layer. Both upper and lower platforms are fabricated from military-grade aluminum that adds durability while keeping curb weight low.


The Megatrans Road Train provides modular versatility that expands your load hauling capability.

The KART Megatrans gives transporters the power to haul a wider range of cargo through a versatile superstructure that can be paired with either the Rapid or the Multitrans.

  • Black MEGATRANS trailer superstructure
  • Black MEGATRANS trailer superstructure
  • Black MEGATRANS trailer superstructure in factory
  • Black MEGATRANS trailer superstructure


Designed to increase auto transport capacity

The sturdy Megatrans + Rapid road train is the ideal solution for auto manufacturers and transporters who want to increase their auto hauling capacity. The Megatrans extends the Rapid’s hauling capacity by an additional four cars.


Designed to haul heavy loads

Whether you’re hauling trucks, boats, or construction equipment, the Megatrans + Multitrans road train empowers you to haul more farther. With the same sturdy but lightweight construction you’ve come to expect from KART Performance Trailers, this road train makes long hauls with heavy loads safer and more efficient.

Technical Specification for Megatrans Road Trains

Trailer length25.25 m80 ft
Width2 550 mm100 in
Height of the 5th wheel900 mm35 in
Net weight28 500 kg62 800 lb
Cargo weight31 500 kg69 500 lb
Maximum loaded trailer weight60 000 kg132 300 lb
Load-carrying capacity10 - 1210 - 12