MULTITRANS trailer carrying trucks


Hendrik Saar Trailer


The truck transporter designed for heavy haul transport


Get on the road faster with Multitrans’ power hydraulics.

Multitrans’ high pressure, super-strength cylinders with hydraulic lock valves operate all of the trailer’s lifting mechanisms with the press of a button or manually. Power hydraulics make it easy for drivers to align ramps on a slope and to adjust them in any direction to maximize stacking. Multitrans simplifies loading so that you can get your payload to its destination faster than ever.


Make the most of each haul with Multitrans’ optimized payload capacity.

Whether you’re transporting heavy military equipment or commercial cargo, make the most of each haul with KART Performance Trailers’ lightweight, extendable frame. We engineered the Multitrans using aerospace-grade aluminum alloy to maximize your weight capacity. The trailer’s midsection can be extended up to 2 meters and its rear can be extended up to 1 meter, providing you with a flexible payload capacity.


Tough construction ensures the longest lifespan of any trailer on the market.

The truck transporter is built using high quality, hot-galvanized steel that’s strong enough to haul heavy loads under rough road conditions. The trailer’s upper and lower platforms, ramps, and high-pressure cylinders are engineered with durable aerospace-grade aluminum alloys that keep the trailer light and easy to operate.

All of our products have a 10 year anti-rust warranty.


Because each client has unique needs, the Multitrans’ universal design can be tailored to your specifications.

The Multitrans is often used to transport special equipment that requires specialized design solutions. KART Performance Trailers' qualified engineers can easily customize the Multitrans to your exact design requirements to accommodate even the most challenging payloads.

*Delivery time takes about 6-8 weeks from the moment of receiving the minimal first payment (50% of the price of the trailer).

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  • Other features include
  • KART axles with air suspension system (maximum load - 12 ton axle)
  • Pneumatic double-braking system
  • Wabco Electronic Braking System (EBS)
  • Automatic adjustment of pulleys and flaps of the braking system
  • Combined rear gauge lamps with built-in reflectors
  • Side gauge cat-eye reflectors
  • Rear fog lights
  • One-Two backing light
  • Lighting of license plates
Table of weight and dimensionsEU DimensionsUS Dimensions
Trailer length13 600 mm to 15 600 mm44.5 ft to 51.0 ft
Trailer width2 550 mm100 in
Netto weight11 000 kg / 11 500 kg24 250 lb / 25 350 lb
Total weight41 000 kg / 44 000 kg90 390 lb / 97 000 lb
Height of the fifth wheel from the ground1 000 mm39 in
Tires245/70 R17.5245/70 R17.5
Number of axles3 (last axle is self-steerable)3 (last axle is self-steerable)
Cargo weight33 000 kg / 32 500 kg72 750 lb / 71 650 lb

*Net weight can vary by 10% depending on the equipment

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