Hendrik Saar Trailer


The stable trailer with customizable axle arrangements


Whether you’re transporting construction equipment or classic cars, Swift lets you haul more farther.

The next-gen trailer Swift is built light for heavy loads. We’ve capitalized on lightweight aluminum construction to maximize your payload weight. Contractors, road builders, mechanics and even hobbyists can haul larger passenger cars, trucks, and hefty construction equipment easily and safely with the Swift.


The Swift’s unique front-axle design makes balancing your payload faster and easier.

The Swift was designed with your convenience in mind. The unique movement mechanism of its axles enables low loading, making it possible to haul vehicles with a lower clearance. Its steerable, reversible swing axle and free draw bar connection up front improves stability. Now your load doesn’t have to be in the center to be secure, which makes loading faster without compromising safety.


A balanced trailer reduces squat and sway, keeping you and your payload securely on your way.

The Swift’s front swing axle improves the stability of your load distribution, providing superior steering and braking compared with classic centre-axle trailers. Because the Swift’s front wheels react to irregular road surfaces independently, they maintain a stronger grip even when surfaces are slippery. With weight distributed evenly to all four tires, balance is restored in long haul, heavy-weight transportation.


High-caliber construction materials and better balance extend the life of your trailer.

Like every KART Performance Trailer, the Swift is built to last. Military grade aluminum makes the Swift corrosion- and weather-resistant and backs up our 10-year corrosion warranty. Galvanized steel ensures a frame that can withstand even the roughest terrain and work conditions.The Swift’s improved balance reduces wear and tear on the suspension and the trailer frame.


The highly-customizable Swift can be tailored to meet your unique hauling needs.

Though the Swift comes standard with three axles, KART Performance Trailers serves a diverse population with different needs. Whether you’re a vintage car enthusiast transporting your 1926 Bentley from car show to car show or a construction outfit hauling heavy equipment, KART Performance Trailers makes it easy to get the trailer you need. Customize your Swift with two, three or four axles, in the following axle combinations: 1 – 1; 2 – 1; 2 – 2.

Technical Specification

Trailer length6 160 mm20 ft
Width2 220 mm7 ft
Height of the hitch430 mm17 in
Height of the tailgate300 mm12 in
Net weight1 000 kg2 300 lb
Cargo weight2 500 kg5 400 lb
Maximum loaded trailer weight3 500 kg7 700 lb
Number of axles33