The Car and Truck Transporter

The KART Raptor is the first transporter to be able to transport both – cars and trucks. It is constructed to transport bigger sized cars and trucks. The Raptor has forced steerable axles, which make it possible to drive even on the smallest of roads. It has an unique upper platform that can adapt itself to the needs of either transporting trucks or four mid-range vehicles. 

Hydraulic systems

  • Hydraulic system of the trailer – auxiliary engine and the hydraulic pump are not integrated into hydraulic system of the semi-trailer.
  • All lifting mechanisms work with the help of hydraulic cylinders.
  • High pressure cylinders are made from aluminum, therefore are super strong and lightweight.
  • Blocking of lifting hydraulic cylinders is carried out by hydraulic valves.
  • Parker hydraulic hoses and fittings are included.

Surface coating

  • All posts of lifting gear and side surfaces are hot galvanized
  • All tracks and ramps are made from military aluminum
  • Bolts and splints are made from stainless steel
  • All of our products have a 5 year frame warranty and 10 year anti-rust warranty

Electronic equipment

  • Combined rear gauge lamps with built-in reflector
  • Side gauge cat’s-eye reflectors
  • Rear fog lights
  • One backing light
  • Lighting of license plates

Axles and breaks

  • KART axles with air suspension system (maximum load – 10 tons per axle)
  • Tires 245/70 R 19,5 
  • Pneumatical double braking system.
  • Electronic anti-lock braking system (ABS)
  • Automatic adjustment of pullies and flaps of the braking system.

Extras possible (not included in price)

  • Electrohydraurical engine

Total length - with extension ( Loaded) 17 100 mm
Unloaded length 16 100 mm
Maximum trailer width2550 mm
Maximum trailer height4500 mm
Total weight max28000 kg
Netto weight of the trailer9500 kg / 10500 kg
(depending on equipment)
Cargo weight18000 kg / 17500 kg
(depending on equipment)
Load on fifth-wheel max.10000 kg
Maximum axle load2x10000 kg
Fifth-wheel load for empty vehicle2250 kg
Net passage between the lifting mechanisms2260 mm
Net distance between the wheels on trailers2000 mm
Width of the tracks on the upper platform530-820 mm
Width of the tracks on the lower platform530 mm
Maximum height of lower2200 mm
Maximum load height of cargo on the fifth-wheel3500 mm
Fifth-wheel height for a vehicle with cargo1000 mm
Hydraulic extension ramp for trailer1250 mm
Hydraulic platform extension on upper platform1250 mm
Tires245/70 R 19,5

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