Get on the road faster with KART Group’s rapid-loading trailers

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Get on the road faster with KART Group’s rapid-loading trailers

The difference between a profitable car hauling outfit and an unprofitable one boils down to operational efficiency. Every wasted minute is wasted money, so investing in a trailer that reduces loading time and unloading time plays an important role in keeping overhead low.

KART Performance Trailers are engineered to make the entire auto transport operation more efficient. Our years of experience with car manufacturers and haulers has given us a unique insight into the pain points of drivers and how to reduce that pain.

Make lifting and extending decks easier

With a complete hydraulic system, our Rapid and Multitrans trailers allow drivers to lift and extend decks with just the press of a button. The same system enables drivers to align ramps on an incline and adjust them in any direction. This state-of-the-art system simplifies and speeds up the loading and unloading process.

Automate blocking with hydraulics

The European Commission Transportation Department estimates that around 25% of accidents involving trucks can be traced back to insecurely loaded cargo. Our high-powered hydraulics make blocking faster and easier without sacrificing safety. With a combination of hydraulic blocking and mechanical blocking, you can rest assured that your payload is safe and still get on the road faster.

Secure quickly with pull-tight straps

Both the Rapid and the Multitrans are equipped with easy-to-use pull-tight straps. Strong and durable, these straps quickly secure your cargo.

Load easily with lower ramp angles

Attempting to find just the right angle to load and unload, especially vehicles with low clearance, can burn through a lot of loading time. KART Performance Trailers are engineered with very low ramp angles that make it simpler and faster to get loaded and on the road.

Access vehicles more comfortably with a bar-free design

The bar-free design of KART Group’s Rapid trailer makes it easier for drivers to get in and out of vehicles without worrying about damaging cargo. Doors can swing wide without any obstruction or hassle.

Rapid coupling with a universal design

KART Performance Trailers have a universal design that enables drivers to couple trailers with any almost tractor without conversions and customization. During long hauls, drivers can transfer chassis between different tractors without losing time or disturbing cargo.

Let KART Performance Trailers get you on the road faster

If you’re ready to reduce your loading and unloading time and get on the road quickly, contact a representative today. We’ll update you on all of the special features that make our trailers the best on the market.

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