How KART Group reduces risk for the auto hauling industry

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Car haulers’ reputations hinge on safe delivery

Americans have a unique relationship with their cars. They do more than get us from here to there. For many of us, they become a part of our identity, and certainly, cars have had a profound influence on American culture overall.

When a consumer has a car transported, they’re entrusting auto carriers with something precious to them. In some cases, a car is critical to a consumer’s livelihood. In others, it’s an invaluable addition to a lifelong collection. In any case, consumers want their cargo to arrive in mint condition.

In the age of social media and fast news, a car hauler’s reputation can be undone in a fraction of a second. One false Tweet or one surly Angie’s List review can permanently tarnish an otherwise perfect record.

Auto transport safety features protect more than cargo

KART Performance Trailers has worked with some of the automotive industry’s most reputable auto manufacturers. Our partners in the industry include Volkswagen and Volvo, companies renowned for engineering vehicles that put the safety of passengers first. Likewise, we put the safety of our passengers first.

Reduce the risk of on-the-road damage to vehicles

KART Performance Trailers builds trailers that consistently exceed international safety regulations. Our trailer frames are fabricated from hot galvanized, pre-tensioned iron and aircraft grade aluminum, offering robust protection. We provide unique hydraulic locking supported by mechanical fixtures, ensuring vehicles stay in place once they’ve been loaded.

Carriers can add a camera-supported track warning system for loading and a camera-controlled crash warning system to make driving even safer. In short, our engineers design trailers to be strong, dependable, safe carriers of valuable cargo, reducing the risk of on-the-road damage significantly.

Avoid the risk of costly auto carrier delays

Modern consumers demand instant gratification. That makes it more critical than ever for auto carriers to find ways to cut delivery time without sacrificing safety. KART Performance Trailers helps carriers avoid the risk of costly auto carrier delays by streamlining loading and unloading.

Our trailers are equipped with galvanized hydraulic systems, adjustable sidewalks, and a bar-free design that makes loading and configuring cargo fast and easy. Our free and force steerable axle options allow carriers to provide drivers with a trailer that is as easy to turn and park as it is to steer. By reducing wasted time, these features help to ease the risk of carrier delays.

Prevent the risk of theft with cutting edge security features

State-of-the-art security features enable auto haulers to virtually eliminate the threat of theft. At KART Performance Trailers, we help to keep cargo secure through an optional perimeter protection alarm system. Increased security provides more than peace of mind for carriers. It also reduces costs and enhances your reputation as an auto transporter committed to the security of your customer’s prized possession.

Trailers designed to protect your reputation over the long haul

At KART Performance Trailers, we understand that our reputation is tied closely with your reputation as an auto hauler. When you win, we win. That’s why we build trailers that are equipped to reduce the risks that come with delivering cars to the people who love them. Get in touch today to learn more about the safety features that are included in our trailers.

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