Improving auto transport efficiency through quick-loading trailer design

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Auto transport in the age of instant gratification

As early as 2014, transport experts like Ready Auto Transport’s Jerry Tassone were noting shifts in expectations of days-to-deliver needs. In an Auto Remarketing interview, he described an auto industry following the same trends as every other consumer-driven industry in the United States: a desire for instant gratification in all areas of life.

Before the internet boosted consumer’s desire to have what they want when they want it, a seven to ten day auto transport was standard. Today, many consumers and auto manufacturers and re-sellers anticipate a three to five day delivery.

Truck driver shortages reduce operational efficiency

Meeting the demands of modern consumers poses a challenge to car haulers that is compounded by an inadequate driver pool. According to the American Trucking Associations’ 2015 Truck Driver Shortage Analysis, the trucking industry was short 38,000 qualified drivers in 2014. Forecasts indicate the shortage is likely to get worse before it gets better with some predictions that the industry will see a shortage of 175,000 drivers by 2024.

This shortage wreaks havoc to the operational efficiency of auto transport companies while increasing the cost of retaining qualified drivers. Worse still, as the economy grows, the shortage of drivers creates shipping delays and increases carrying costs as well.

Improve auto hauler efficiency with quick-loading trailer design

In an industry struggling to keep up with increasing demand, every improvement in operational efficiency is an improvement in customer satisfaction and profitability. At KART Performance Trailers, we engineer quick-loading trailers that decrease loading time without sacrificing the safety of your valued drivers, their cargo, or other drivers.

Lift and extend decks with the press of a button

KART Performance Trailers’ car haulers come standard with an extensive hydraulic system that reduces stress and loading time. With the press of a button, drivers can lift and extend decks, adjust sidewalks, and easily maximize stacking capability. Rapid, easy loading means that your drivers can accomplish more in less time. In turn, you’ll get payloads to eager consumers faster than ever.

Optimize auto carrier capacity

A lightweight trailer enables auto carriers to maximize weight capacity, and KART Performance Trailers trailers like the Multitrans are built from lightweight, aerospace-grade aluminum alloy. The Multitrans’ flexible design allows drivers to extend the trailer’s midsection by as much as two meters, and its rear can be extended by one meter. These innovative design features optimize auto carrier capacity, improving cost and operational efficiency.

Maximize maneuverability

KART Performance Trailers’ auto carriers are designed with unique, steerable axles that simplify steering, turning, and parking. It’s these thoughtful design features that make our trailers safer and easier for even less experienced truck drivers. An open, bar-free frame and adjustable sidewalks further improves the efficiency of over-burdened drivers.

KART Performance Trailers improve auto efficiency

At KART Performance Trailers, our engineers understand the unique challenges posed by increased demand paired with driver shortages. We build trailers that improve operational and cost efficiency so that your drivers can spend less time loading and unloading and more time driving. You’ll also benefit from our trailers’ tough construction and forward-thinking safety features. Contact us today to learn more.

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