Is your car hauler safe enough for the streets?

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Safety is priority No. 1 in Transportation Business

There is nothing more important than knowing your loved ones safe. That is why we all have the responsibility to assure safety. Also we want to make sure our cargo will get from A to B without any damage, that’s the whole point of transportation companies. Simple, yet there is not enough attention on the safety equipment as there should be. 

There are some crucial points in the transportation business to keep in mind when acquiring a car hauler.

The situation today on the roads of the USA

This is a picture of a typical loading of trucks as seen on US-streets. This seems us as a quite complicated way of loading and transporting heavy duty vehicles. There is a lot of wasted time to load and unload tha hauler. There are only a few weak connection points between the load and the hauler. Such heavy load should not be the responsibilty of a few bolts and the drivers mood. Also a fork lift is needed to load the cargo, which you can not carry with you – so with problems on the road  it can come to difficult situations.  

Important check-list for your car hauler

Here is a recommended list of important gimmicks your car hauler should have in order to assure safety: 

  1. Hydraulic side walkways
  2. Side fall protection lines
  3. Step ladder
  4. Open side frame design for door opening and loading management
  5. Low angle ramps
  6. Hydraulic ramps, no locks
  7. Hydraulic deck´s locking system
  8. Manual deck´s locking system
  9. Remote controlled hydraulic operations
  10. Camera view secure loading
  11. Camera load view control while transportation
  12. Axle load control
  13. Load height control
  14. Safe strapping system
  15. ESB controlled brake system
  16. 100 % hot galvanized frames, no rust cracks
  17. Steerable axles

Do it the safe way

We, at KART, have manufactured a lot of our haulers for the European and Scandinavian market, which is known for it’s rigorous safety regulations and are confident, that our trailers do meet every kind of regulation AND more. We at KART have pioneered the last 25 years to make your loading safer, your maneuvering easier and secure your load and yourself. 

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