KART Performance Trailers’ innovative design lasts longer, saving auto haulers money

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Over the past eight years, the operational costs associated with trucking have increased in response to driver shortages, fluctuating fuel costs, and volatile permit and licensing costs. The cost of purchasing or leasing has risen from $0.213 per mile to $0.230 per mile while the cost of repairs and maintenance has risen from $0.0103 per mile to $0.156 per mile. In both cases, these incremental increases take a toll on auto hauler fleets that are already experiencing a soft market.

In response, companies are holding onto equipment longer, according to the 2016 operational costs survey conducted by the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI). While this can reduce the total average marginal costs of trucking by as much as 14%, it can aggravate the cost of upkeep.

The desire to reduce new purchases means more miles on fewer trucks, increasing wear and tear and maintenance costs. As more truckers are reporting fewer miles and a greater number of partial loads, investing in equipment that will last longer becomes even more critical for carriers.

Since maintenance costs themselves have increased from 6% of a company’s marginal costs in 2008 to 10% in 2015, it may seem like a no-win situation for truckers looking to make the most practical, cost-efficient decision.

KART Performance Trailers seeks to resolve the issue altogether through our innovative engineering. We’re working to reduce the total cost of ownership (TOC) of our trailers by building a product that will last longer with fewer maintenance and repair costs. This is especially good news to specialized carriers, who have reported the steepest incline in purchase expense due to their unconventional specifications.

We offer several trailer options that meet most any carrier’s auto hauling and budgetary demands. Our robust trailers can be counted on to last up to three times longer than the competition, reducing both the costs of purchasing new equipment and the cost of maintaining older equipment.

For LTL and Specialized Equipment Transportation

Our Multitrans model is ideal for LTL shipments and for most specialized needs, such as the transport of military and construction equipment. This model’s chassis is built using high quality, hot-galvanized steel that will endure the most cumbersome loads on the harshest road conditions. Its upper and lower platforms, ramps, and high-pressure cylinders are built with aerospace-grade aluminum alloys that are durable and lightweight.

For Standard Vehicle Transportation

Our Rapid trailer is capable of hauling 8 to 9 cars easily. The trailer can be paired with almost any tractor with no conversions or customizations, making it a versatile investment with up-front savings. Like the Multitrans, the Rapid trailer is built from the highest quality, hot-galvanized steel and durable aluminum alloys, ensuring the longest lifespan. Steerable axles helps to reduce wear and tear by improving road grip and keeping cargo balanced.

Build a long-lasting partnership with KART Performance Trailers starting today

KART Performance Trailers has spent decades building a comprehensive understanding of the auto hauling industry and the challenge faced by those operating within the industry. We show our commitment to you by building long-lasting, durable, flexible trailers that will save you money over its lifespan in reduced wear and tear. Contact our specialists today to learn how to begin building an equally long-lasting relationship with KART.

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