Why a KART Performance trailer will last three times longer than the competition

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A smart investment is a long-term investment

Choosing a trailer for your auto transportation company is no trivial matter. It’s a significant investment, and in a strapped economy, it’s an investment that you probably only want to make once.

While replacing a trailer can be costly, repair and maintenance also takes a toll on profits. Though it’s a fact of life that every operation has to deal with, for smaller operations, repair and maintenance of fleets can be particularly weighty as most have to make do with older equipment for longer and use all of their tractors and trailers more regularly.

KART Performance Trailers designs trailers that are built to last, and they do. Our trailers’ chassis last three times as long as the competition. An investment in any of our trailers – from the Rapid to the Swift Basic – is an investment that will pay off in the long run.

High quality materials

Our trailers are built with the most durable modern materials available. We use only superior-quality iron, and the aluminum alloys that make up all of our trailers’ guides, ramps, and hydraulic pipes and fittings are military-grade. Even the bolts and splints are high-quality stainless steel.

Hot-galvanized and pre-tensioned parts

In addition to using the highest caliber materials, we use the most advanced modern fabrication techniques to ensure their strength. Every metal component is pre-tensioned, improving the overall strength of the chassis.

Superior corrosion resistance

From the side lifts to the hydraulic cylinders, all of the metal that makes up a KART Performance Trailer is hot-galvanized, improving corrosion resistance. The state-of-the-art, solid electric system is also corrosion-resistant, and we offer a 10-years rust warranty.

Improved grip on even slippery roads

While materials are an important element of a KART trailer, innovative engineering plays an equally critical role in our trailers’ lengthy life expectancy. Front swing axles allow front wheels to react independently, increasing their grip on even slippery roads.

Reduced wear and tear

Each additional axle degrades the overall tire performance of a trailer. By equipping trailers with steerable axles, the damage can be mitigated. KART trailers’ steerable axles do more than reduce wear and tear, however. They also increase fuel efficiency, saving even more money over the long haul.

Become a lifelong KART partner

At KART Performance Trailers, we’re dedicated to providing auto transporters with safe, reliable, durable trailers. We combine universal design standards with the world’s strictest safety directives and top-quality materials to build trailers that will serve you over the life of your business. Partner with KART Performance Trailers today to equip your transportation outfit with the longest-lasting trailers on the market.

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