Do your car haulers meet international safety regulations?

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The advantages of stricter vehicle regulations

In 2015, 11% of motor vehicle crash fatalities in America involved large trucks, costing the economy around $99 billion annually. In the European Union’s 28 member countries, a mere .02% of motor deaths involved similarly sized trucks during the same period. Why are these numbers so different?

In large part, the gap can be explained by much stricter regulations on road safety and on vehicle construction. Bey ond the obvious benefits of fewer lives lost and a much lower toll on the economies of member nations, these regulations have also encouraged auto and trailer manufacturers to develop innovations that have made their products more competitive.

Necessity is the mother of invention in trailer innovation

Mercedes Benz and Volvo, both partners of KART Performance Trailers, are just two of the European manufacturers who have innovated the automotive industry by engineering trucks that maximize fuel, space, and safety. One of the driving forces of these manufacturers’ ground-breaking designs are the restrictions created by the EU’s stricter safety and environmental regulations.

KART Performance Trailers “grew up” with these same stringent regulations. Like our partners, we’ve come to understand that rigorous rules don’t inhibit profitability. Rather, they encourage the construction of more innovative trailers that save auto haulers time and money while providing a more comfortable driving experience.

How safer trailers improve auto carrier operations

Streamline loading and locking

A tool that’s easy to use gives its user an advantage. In the case of pioneering trailers such as the Multitrans, operations are simplified by an expansive hydraulic system that makes loading, lifting, extending, and adjusting as easy as pressing a button. This empowers the driver to focus on the safe handling of cargo without the distraction and hassle of manual systems. Similarly, our automatic, pneumatic locking systems, which are supported by more conventional, manual locking, increase the security and stability of vehicles on the trailer.  

Enhance maneuverability

Our engineers design trailers to be as simple to steer as they are to load. We offer free and force steerable axle options that make it significantly easier for drivers to steer, turn, and park. More flexible parking and turning allow drivers to focus on safety rather than straining at the wheel, but it also contributes to reduced drive times and more comfortable drivers.

Reduce costs

As innovative safety features are added to modern trailers, risks decrease. Decreasing risks contribute to greater profitability, and that’s an important consideration for auto carriers. Auto carriers relying on trailers that adhere to international safety regulations – or trailers like those developed by KART Performance Trailers, which exceed those standards – can expect to see decreases in truck accidents, just as the EU has witnessed.

Safer trailers are more affordable trailers

At KART Performance Trailers, we exceed international standards because we’re committed to improving the safety of American roads and its drivers. If you own an auto carrier company, and you’re interested in learning about the enhanced safety features of our trailers, give us a call today.

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