Do your car haulers meet international safety regulations?

Rahel Korallus Article

In 2015, 11% of motor vehicle crash fatalities in America involved large trucks, costing the economy around $99 billion annually. In the European Union’s 28 member countries, a mere .02% of motor deaths involved similarly sized trucks during the same period. Why are these numbers so different? In large part, the gap can be explained by much stricter regulations on road safety and on vehicle construction. Bey ond the obvious benefits of fewer lives lost and a much lower toll on the economies of member nations, these regulations have also encouraged auto and trailer manufacturers to develop innovations that have …

MEGATRANS combined with a MULTITRANS trailer on a roundabout

KART Performance trailers improve maneuverability with force steerable axles

Rahel Korallus Article

The majority of conventional trailers on United States roadways are engineered with non-steerable trailer axles. Due to offtracking and increased horizontal tire force, these trailers create more hazardous driving conditions, increase fuel consumption, and generate more wear and tear on trailers and on roadways. At KART Performance Trailers, we equip trailers with force steerable front axles that improve their performance in each of these areas. This enables carriers to maintain trailers longer and reduce fuel costs. It empowers drivers to gain higher levels of productivity with greater ease. As drivers negotiate a tight turn at a low-speed, a conventional trailer’s …