MEGATRANS combined with a MULTITRANS trailer on a roundabout

KART Performance trailers improve maneuverability with force steerable axles

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The damaging effects of non-steerable trailer axles

The majority of conventional trailers on United States roadways are engineered with non-steerable trailer axles. Due to offtracking and increased horizontal tire force, these trailers create more hazardous driving conditions, increase fuel consumption, and generate more wear and tear on trailers and on roadways.

At KART Performance Trailers, we equip trailers with force steerable front axles that improve their performance in each of these areas. This enables carriers to maintain trailers longer and reduce fuel costs. It empowers drivers to gain higher levels of productivity with greater ease.

Reduced low-speed offtracking when making turns

As drivers negotiate a tight turn at a low-speed, a conventional trailer’s rear wheels follow a different swept path than the tractor. This offtracking, or “cheating,” is a leading cause of tractor trailer-related accidents. KART Performance Trailers’ force steerable axles reduce the swept path of trailers, reducing accidents and damage to vehicles.

Reduced power requirements to navigate

A trailer with force steerable axles reduces the power required to operate an auto hauler. When equipped with steerable axles, a driver doesn’t have to exert as much force to make turns, park, and steer. However, it’s not just the driver who benefits. By reducing horizontal tire force, a trailer with force steerable axles also reduces fuel consumption, making it an altogether more energy-efficient purchase.

Reduced wear and tear on tires

When drivers perform low-speed cornering, trailer tires scrub in opposite directions. This damages tire treads, which decreases road grip and fuel-efficiency. Steerable axles reduce horizontal tire force, which minimizes tire scrub, balances treadwear, and keeps tires safer longer.

Reduced road damage

Offtracking, tire wear, and greater horizontal tire force all contribute the damage of U.S. roadways. By outfitting our trailers with steerable axles, we help the trucking industry minimize this damage, making roadways safer for everyone.

Increase your productivity with force steerable axles

KART Performance Trailers make it easier for drivers to navigate any road conditions – from parking to cornering. By making driving simpler, our trailers make drivers more productive and hauling vehicles more profitable. Get in touch today to learn more about KART Performance Trailer’s unique force steerable axles.

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